Make Your Team Feel Together Again!

Connect all of your teams, colleagues, tools, and rooms together online in one place, your Yonderdesk virtual office.

Digital Work Life

Go Enterprise

Virtual real estate covering more than 120 separate office spaces. Scale up or down across multiple floors as required.


Go Pro

Your entire company online and in one space for all tooling and collaboration. Scalable remote work management as you need it.


Go Bespoke

Whether a single space online to host your meetings or a combination of environments, there are multiple options to select.

Hybrid working for all sizes

Why Choose Yonderdesk


Rooms For Everything!

Have your own personalised office, meeting rooms, training rooms, and even social rooms! All accessible in a single click.


No More Annoying Links!

Say goodbye to wasting time searching for meeting links. With Yonderdesk you have a set place people can return to.


Instant Access to People

Just like your real office, pop into any of your employee's rooms for quick flyby meetings.


Super Easy Event Setup

Host branded events and get-togethers with your dedicated office space of 50+ seats

How We're Different

The Best Tools!

Voice messages, multi screen sharing, office branding, zoom and slack support & more!

The Benefits

Eliminate Real Estate Costs

Yonderdesk is a virtual extension of your entire company, at a fraction of the real estate cost.



From general office work to education, or even hosting events, yonderdesk is the place to do it!


Nobody Goes Missing!

Improves your overall workforce communication by having the instant ability to chat with people.


Great For The Environment 

Your virtual office is safe and eliminates the need to drive to work every day. Resulting in less pollution.


Decrease Employee Turnover

When your employees have an easy to use remote working process. They won't want to go anywhere else!

Hybrid Working done right

Your custom digital space is built with your culture and branding in mind. Go to work each day in your company building without even leaving your home!


Real time engagement

Your real-time interactive floor plan makes everyone feel together. Knock on a colleagues door or arrange to meet for yoga in the garden space. Distributed teams are connected no matter where they are.

Encrypted video and secure sharing

Wherever you connect from there is access to encrypted one to one video chats or conference calls. Share files and documents for secure online collaboration without missing a beat!

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Geo location.png

Remote Work as it should be

True remote working enables you and your colleagues to connect wherever you are. Collaboration and communication can take place at home, in coworking spaces, or on the move. Full time and Flexible working means more productivity when it matters. Sleep is recommended though!

laptop (3).png


You can freely explore how Yonderdesk works while we answer any questions you may have

Our Simple Process
customize (1).png


Once we identify your needs, we can develop the best suitable plan for you


All Done!

After agreeing on a plan, we'll set your office up!

All of your favourite online tools and apps

Use your existing app stack without reinventing your remote requirements

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