Introducing Yonderdesk, the new virtual office solution for hybrid teams

Wondering what makes a physical office so good? We do, and we have them with yonderdesk

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Welcome to Yonderdesk, a cloud-based digital workspace providing a virtual experience to
engage and collaborate with colleagues, employees, and clients while operating on a remote model.

It offers a highly customised digital work-space solution that includes a combination of smart and agile
work experience, thereby bringing the entire concept of flexible working to life.

It offers highly customized office floor plans at a low cost with the security and privacy of a digital work-
space while enabling users to reflect their personas with their own private virtual offices.

How Yonderdesk Can Work For You

A recent survey of over 600 property professionals in the UK (carried out by the TM Group), revealed that more acceptance of digital and remote working has been welcomed by this and other industries and has
become recognised as an outstanding positive of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Key Insights
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The research also gathered key insight into the individual impact of these changes, which further
reiterates the positive feeling towards the wider adoption of digital and remote working, including:

  • “It’s been very challenging, but amazing how much can be done remotely.”

  • “Working from home and the use of technology have been positive factors for me. Hopefully thetechnological advances will continue to leap forward in 2021.”

  • “We’ve saved a lot of time and money – especially on travel costs – thanks to the collective shift to using technology instead of face-to-face meetings

  • “2020 has been a great opportunity to embrace change, not just within our firm but also the industry. For example, we’ve gone from paper files to full electronic working.”

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Connecting internal teams improving well-being, workflow, and engagement.

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Managing the physical and virtual space in one centralised location across all tools and worker

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Providing a branded virtual sales and customer success experience.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“We’re new users of Yonderdesk’s virtual, hybrid office space and it’s safe to say that even after a day a using it, we love it! The place to replace the place…! Thanks Vanessa and the team for bringing us this marvelous way of being together whilst apart.” 

- Perry Timms, Founder & Chief Energy Officer: People & Transformational HR Ltd. 

How You Can Become An Agent For Yonderdesk Real Estate

How To Qualify

The technology can be designed to recreate any building exactly in line providing your clients with a
seamless integrating of the physical and virtual. Pricing can be annually or monthly.

  • Min 10 employees + 

  • Activate Yonderdesk for your own company (discount applied)

  • Designated account manager

  • Qualifying from the Yonderdesk Training (2 x 2hr interactive sessions)

*Expected MRR (Monthly Recurring Agent Revenue) by month 12 - 25000 euros

For any questions, please contact