Educate safely during COVID-19

Whether a school, college, university, or private tutor, keep your students learning in safe virtual classroom environments as needed

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Go University

Expand your campus virtually. Create departments on each floor to accommodate all faculties


Go School

Virtual recreation of classrooms for students and pupils to continue learning alongside their friends and peers and favourite teachers


Go Tutor

Private group or one to one tuition in your own custom environment. Continue to share content and engage using shared screens and preferred apps


Why Choose Yonderdesk

Instant Virtual classrooms

Switching to a hybrid model of physical and virtual classrooms means that education can continue without missing a beat. Your virtual classrooms can open instantly in the event that you need them.


Safe student interaction

Classroom environments with video conferencing for students and teachers to all take part in. Screen share the curriculum and use on-screen emojis for feedback and interaction. 

Continued secure sharing

Wherever you connect from there is access to encrypted group calls. Share files and documents for secure online collaboration without missing a beat!

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Maintain curriculum momentum 

COVID-19 and its aftermath need not interrupt our education. A hybrid solution of traditional physical space and virtual environments ensures we can keep safe and continue learning with confidence.


All of your favourite online tools and apps

Use your existing app stack without reinventing your remote requirements

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How does it work?

Yonderdesk is a customised virtual real estate environment for your school. Once you have completed the build request we go to work to build your custom space. Your new workplace is typically ready in under 72hrs - though high demand is causing small delays. Once set-up you will be sent the access details to connect via your browser and away you go!

Can I get a demo?

A demo is highly recommended to not only showcase Yonderdesk but to also understand what you need so we can tailor the walkthrough just for you. We typically need no more than 30 mins to present the demo and Q&A.

How much does it cost?

The cost is per user and is reduced as the headcount increases. We are a monthly subscription service with no tie-ins and you can scale up and down as needed. See our pricing page for more information.

Can I use my own apps?

Absolutely! In your Yonderdesk dashboard you can specify access to all of your tried and tested apps so you can continue working as before... in one convenient space!


How many desks can I have?

Yonderdesk floor plans can accommodate up to 120 individuals. Tiered floors can also be configured to allow for further scaling as required.

Can we use our own branding?

You sure can. Your organisation's branding can be displayed anywhere on your floor plan that you specify.  You can even have your brand displaying proudly in your office!

Can clients meet us digitally?

A great feature of Yonderdesk is the lobby interaction. Scheduled meetings or unannounced visitors can enter the lobby and request for you. Your virtual receptionist can take messages or you can call people up to your office.

How do we get started?

To get started you can request a demo and once we have established your requirements we can get rolling on building your new virtual academic space!


What Can We Help You With?

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